We’re Coming to ASTC in Hartford

From backyards, to restaurants, to science centers, to public schools, there is a wide range of places STEM learning can occur. Join NewKnowledge researcher John Voiklis and Oregon State University’s Martin Storksdieck this October at the Association of Science-Technology Centers annual conference to learn what 1,462 survey takers from across the United States told us about the STEM Learning Ecology. John and Martin will explore public perceptions of the STEM Learning Ecology, and where zoos and aquariums are situated within that landscape.

They’ll give attendees a sneak peak into survey results showing the public’s view on where and when they encounter STEM topics (hint: the answer may surprise professionals in the informal STEM learning field). Moreover, they’ll show how zoos and aquariums are THE place for certain types of learning, and how the informal science learning centers can use the results of this study to increase STEM learning among the public.

To find out more, join John Voiklis and Martin Storksdieck in their discussion on Aligning Your Agendas with Those of Your Visitors: Lessons Learned from Zoos and Aquariums, on October 1 from 2:30 PM to 3:45 PM at the Connecticut Convention Center in meeting room 13.

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