How the Public Builds Trust in Zoos & Aquariums

New research from Knology explores the ways that members of the US public develop trust in zoos and aquariums. For this study, Knology researchers analyzed data from surveys of the US general public conducted as part of two prior research studies. We hypothesized that the public could be organized into distinct clusters that have different priorities when deciding to trust zoos and aquariums. The groupings that we identified based on the survey data are nicknamed Experiencers, Conservationists, Loyalists, and Environmentalists. Our analysis showed that the groups prioritize some of the same things. For example, individuals in each cluster thought it was important for zoos and aquariums to provide animals, staff, and visitors with proper care, and to share information about their conservation efforts. But they also have unique things that matter to them. Read more about the unique characteristics of each category as well as the implications of these findings for zoo and aquarium leadership on the Knology website. Full details of the study are published in Zoo Biology.

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